Platinum KC PLUS series UV Flatbed Printer

Technical Specifications


KCP2512/KCP2530 / KCP3020

Head Model


Printhead Quantity

16 (Max.)

Drop Volume

13 - 14 Pl.  / 6 Pl.

Color Scale

CMYK + White + Varnish + Lc + Lm

INK Type


Drying System

UV Curing- LED Curing

Flat-Bed Size

2500mm x 1250mm / 3050mm x 2050mm

Print Height


Print Resolution

2880 dpi / 1200 dpi

Print  Speed Up to


RIP Software

Photo Print    /     caldera


 LCD Monitor

Power Requirement

230v (+/-) 10% / 40A / 50HZ / 60HZ

Machine Size 2512

2200mm x 5220mm x 1530mm

Machine Size 2530

4000mm x 5260mm x 1580mm

Machine Size 3020

3000mm x 5800mm x 1530mm

Machine Weight


Highlight Features:

1,Whole series of standard configuration with three rows of Konica KM1024i print head (6pl, 14pl gray level print head), ensure extreme speed printing for UV Sheet.

2,Brand new platinum shape design with simple and elegant appearance and integration into ergonomics design;

3,Brand new Body Frame and drive design, providing more precise and stable main structure;
4,Brand new honeycomb platform structure design with more adjustment points, providing higher flatness of printing table;

5,Brand new flexible Carriage Anti-crash system which protect print head, UV lamp system and other valuable components to the greatest extent;

6,Brand new hand-held control handle, supporting 3-axis motion control, adsorption zoning control, media positioning control and other operations, which effectively improves the operation convenience;

7,Brand new gas and ink circuit route design + intelligent double negative pressure system, providing more stable ink supply;

8,Integrated detachable Vacuum motor which is convenient and simple for customers usage;

9,Independent flashing station design, keeping the print head always in the best working condition.


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