Platinum FS UV Roll Inkjet Printer

Highlight Features:



Print Technology

Piezo continuous drop-on demand(DOD)

Head Model

Konica 1024i 6pl  /   Kyocera KJ

Print Head Control

Use software to adjust the temperature and voltage of the print head

Print head Configuration


Maximum Printing Size

3.3 m

Print Resolution

2880 dpi

Print  Speed Up to


INK Type

UV Ink

Color Profile

K C M Y Lc Lm (可选/optional) / K C M Y Lc Lm W(可选/optional)

Ink Supply System

Automatic continuous ink supply with vacuum negative pressure

Drying System

UV lamp solidification

Package Size

 6750x1400x1800 mm

Machine Size

6412x1650x2100 mm

Machine Weight


Printing Interface

PCIE System

Power Requirement

210V-240V 32A 50HZ x2

Environmental Requirements

Temperature 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃         Relative humidity 40% ~ 80%

RIP Software

Photo print/Caldera

Highlight Features:


Blockbuster new product in 2019, with cool open type ice blue design and powerful print head configuration, full of mysterious sense of
technology, opening a new future of high-speed UV! 


1,Three-staggered Konica1024I ultra-wide configuration, which can easily achieve high-speed UV printing of 120m² per hour!
2,With double staggered Kyocera ultra-clear configuration, UV roll media  printing accuracy can be improved to a new realm!


1,With 4 rubber rollers of large diameter of 200mm, all kinds of soft and hard materials can be printed smoothly without deviation   which can protect the painted picture and is suitable for mass  high-speed printing.
2, The whole machine adopts integral welding structure, with super rigidity, and without rack deformation!


1, Printing mode for soft and hard materials can be one-key switched, adapting to a variety of UV coiled materials, which can meet various needs of customers!
2, Water cooling platform of independent control, so do not worry  about the material deformation of heat reactive materials due to the heating during UV lamp or ink solidification.

3,Frequency conversion fan of printing platform adjusts the suction, which is suitable for different needs of various UV roll media!
4,Configuration of safety light curtain can effectively avoid accidental  injuries. And the machine will automatically continue to print after  eliminating potential safety hazards!


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