Platinum KC series UV Flatbed Printer

Technical Specifications


KC2512 / KC3020/KC2512-RA/KC3020-RA

Head Model

Km1024 / KM1024i/RICOH GEN5

Printhead Quantity

18 (Max.)

Drop Volume

13 - 14 Pl. / 7 Pl.

Color Scale

CMYK + White + Varnish + Lc + Lm

INK Type


Drying System

UV Curing- LED Curing

Flat-Bed Size

2500mm x 1250mm / 3050mm x 2050mm

Print Height


Print Resolution

2880 dpi / 1200 dpi

Print Speed Up to


RIP Software

 Photo Print


液晶显示器/LCD Monitor

Power Requirement

230v (+/-) 10% / 40A / 50HZ / 60HZ

Machine Size 2512

2200mm x 5220mm x 1530mm

Machine Size 3020

3000mm x 5800mm x 1530mm

Machine Weight


 Highlight Features:

1. The new platinum version design has a concise and elegant appearance and incorporates ergonomic design.
2, the new rack and drive design, to provide a more precise, more stable main structure '
3, the new honeycomb platform structure design, more adjustment points, to provide a higher flatness of the printing platform;
4, new flexible car collision avoidance system, the maximum degree of protection nozzles, UV lamps and other valuable components;
5, the new handheld control handle, support 3-axis motion control, adsorption partition control, media positioning control and other operations, effectively improve the convenience of operation;
6, the new design of gas and ink route + intelligent dual negative pressure system to provide a more stable supply of ink;
7. Integrate the detachable design of the adsorption fan assembly, the customer is convenient and simple to use;

8, independent flash spray station design, so that the nozzle always maintain the best working condition.


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