GOLD KCJ Series UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Technical Specifications:



Head Model


Drop Volume

7 Pl.

Color Scale

CMYK + White + Varnish + Lc + Lm

INK Type


Drying System

UV Curing- LED Curing

Flat-Bed Size

2500mm x 1250mm / 3050mm x 2050mm

Print Height


Print Resolution

2880 dpi / 1200 dpi

Print  Speed Up to


RIP Software

Photo Print


LCD Monitor

Power Requirement

 230v (+/-) 10% / 40A / 50HZ / 60HZ

Machine Size 2512

2200mm x 5220mm x 1530mm

Machine Size 3020

3000mm x 5800mm x 1530mm

Machine Weight


Highlight Features:

Mechanical advantages:

1,Overall welding rack with aging treatment, durable in use!

2,Aluminum alloy honeycomb aluminum plate, with accuracy in decimillimetre level and high flatness!

3,Double mute rail in X direction, without noise in printing!

4,double rail double screw double AC servo motor drive in Y direction, with high printing stability!

Software advantages:

1,PCIE control system, with high stability!
2,Support of multiple printing mode extensions, meeting different application needs

Solidification component:

Equipped with high-quality water-cooling LED system and fabricated with non-deforming material, with low power consumption and more environmentally friendly!

Considerate design:

1, High quality destaticizing device, improving printing quality! 
2,Automatic height measurement of media, facilitating printing of materials with various thicknesses!

3,Locating pin function, facilitating the repeated printing of batch materials.
4,Equipped with computer bracket adsorption control system, facilitating printing of materials with various sizes!

5,Carriage collision avoidance system, protecting the print head, UV lamp and other valuable components to the greatest extent.

Print head configuration:

1,Ricoh Gen5 print head of grayscale 7pl, the first choice of the industry interms of precision and cost performance!

2,1280 nozzles, ignition frequency up to 20KHZ under the fourth grayscale!


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