KG-18 series Ceramic Machine

Technical parameter:

Model KG-18 KG-32
Pen Head Star Fire1024 Star Fire1024
Print Size 2200*1800mm 3200mm
Print Speed Drat Mode 60m2/h 480*800dpi

Production mode 40m2/h 720*800dpi

High Quality Mode 1440*1200dpi25m2/h
Resolution 360/480/720/1440
Ink Type Ceramic Special Ink

6Color K/Co/Pi/Yl/G/Br
Enviroenment Operating Temperature 20-23°C
Relative Humidity 50%-65%

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Functional characteristics:

1、6 color configuration with special color available.

2、 system & moisturizing function

3、Ink circulation system between main tank and sub tank.

4、Auto. media location function

5、Auto. Media height detection & Carriage Anti-crash system

6、Single color Independent negative pressure control system effectively ensure stable circulation of each color.

7、Printed ceramics can be widely used in outdoor building, indoor background wall, indoor tiles, bathroom and so on, etc.

Application field:


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