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Li Yu stunning debut twenty-second Shanghai international advertising technology and Equipment Exhibition

release time:2015-09-21

In the summer of 2014, during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, July 3rd -6, the twenty-second Shanghai international advertising technology and equipment exhibition successfully carried out. As a veteran in the industry level of Anhui Liyu computer equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., in the exhibition using boutique + new machine professional portfolio to attack, with stable play and leading technology, let the whole industry refreshing: 20 years old brand, trustworthy, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!

The exhibition, Yuli exhibited three UV machine + a classic best-selling models of solvent type machine, fully meet the development direction of inkjet printing market. All the machines, using the latest mix of professional color appearance and the latest surface treatment process, greatly enhance the strength of the machine's brand influence:

KR Thor series UV roll flat dual-purpose tablet, Liyu latest, fully meet the needs of high-end customers a machine, stylish atmosphere shape with in a professional and simple color, contracted and not simple! In the inking system is the stirring and refluxing, with the exception of bubble functions, to added layers of printing technology, with many print operation function, once launched, the market will be, especially from the customers of the high-end market in Europe and America. The division of the 2 models of the size of the model:

KR3020- using 10 Japanese KM1024UV special nozzles, using the latest control technology, 14PL nozzle to achieve high precision 9PL print output, print accuracy from 720*1440 to 720*2880dpi.

KR2512- used Liyu latest PCIe inkjet electronic control system, the system significantly enhance the data transmission bandwidth up to support 16 KM1024iSHE high accuracy of nozzle. This exhibition, KR2512 assembly 5 Japanese KM1024i/6pl series of the latest UV printing head, using a linear metal reflection grating, the maximum printing precision up 1016*2880DPI, achieve the effect of indoor photo, print speed than the ordinary KM1024/14PL to more than twice as fast, also have functions of printing material, fully meet the different needs of customers on the machine.

Maxima of inno PZR3208-1-LED, use KM1024/14PL UV special nozzle. As a UV printing roll machine, the upgrading of the existing basis with LED cold light source, fully solve the medium is overheated in the UV lamp printing and curing and reliable, bright color, led the more roll printing medium becomes possible.

PZR3208 MAXIMA models, the use of KM512 or XAAR382 solvent nozzle, as a cost-effective, classic models of Europe and the United States, its stability has experienced the strict test of the domestic and foreign markets, can not be questioned. The machine uses the latest color appearance and surface treatment, greatly enhance the grade of the machine, to boost the confidence of customers.

In addition, as the first domestic production of engraving machine manufacturers, Li Yu card engraving machine has been a symbol of quality assurance. The exhibition, in addition to show several stable classic lettering machine (SC/TC/HF) outside, Yuli pound launched the latest successful development of DC - automatic patrol edge cutting plotter, patrol the machine cutting edge is not affected by the interference of light, modes of operation of the various data storage model and more human, greatly meet the customers of engraving machine intelligent high-end demand.

Based on now, look to the future, Yu Li always put machine stability and customer satisfaction in the first place, also hope that Li Yu all users to give us valuable suggestions, we hope and you move forward together to set sail.

In Shanghai in March 2015, we'll see you again!


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