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Warm congratulations on the successful completion of the 2014 annual summer Summit Forum

release time:2015-09-21

    Summer August, 2014 annual force in the summer peak forum in Hefei successfully concluded. The Li Yu agents from all corners of the country to talk about the enterprise development plan, have a joyous gathering, the future trend of the industry.

       The forum we reviewed the Yuli for over 20 years and agents to common development and progress of history, summed up the successful experience and lessons of the past, share the Yuli products research and development of the latest developments and UV products application of innovative solutions. The theme of this forum is awesome Yu family friendly platform provides an interactive exchange, to create a new team to create a win-win situation. The meeting agents are recommended to share the success with each one airs his own views, at the same time, based on the present, look to the future! It is agreed that: 20 years of force woo brand, steady development, strong momentum, trustworthy!

       After the meeting, to participate in the forum friends visit Jiuhua Buddha, feelings of Huangshan scenic spot, taste the cuisine, swordfight Guangming Ding, experience passion drift. The whole forum activities in a warm atmosphere of joy to achieve a complete success.


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