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Warm congratulations "liyu" WeChat public platform service system is launched!

release time:2015-09-21



Anhui liyu computer equipment manufacturing co., LTD., as a professional manufacturer of spray printing equipment, inheriting the traditional at the same time, more to accept new things with the attitude of innovation, first to set up belongs to the majority of peers and advertising spray printing industry new and old customers WeChat public platform.

In force liyu in a website, you can see the dynamic, product center, enterprise introduction, enterprise application cases, technical support and other columns Settings.Small WeChat, big exhibition space.Product center, in particular, the user can understand force yu hand machine online technology parameter and function characteristics of each machine, as well as the object of each product and video appreciation, if you have any need to consulting, can open after forwarded to our business personnel, business personnel can first understand your needs, and docking with you and solve your problems, convenient and quick.Or contact us directly online customer service, we also have professional and technical personnel in reply to your questions in a timely manner.

In the following days, we will use more time with the general new old customers in WeChat communication on this platform.About our products or applications you have any questions, can contact us at any time, we want to be your faithful product consultant.Yu is willing to work with the vast number of industry elite, spray print lovers together, for the prosperity and development of spray printing enterprise and make unremitting efforts!

Welcome the attention liyu WeChat public platform:

A way, open your mobile phone WeChat > address book > > +. Top right corner to find the public number > liyuprinter or force yu spray printing equipment, can pay attention to become a force yu fan.

Way two, open your mobile phone WeChat + number > > right corner scan (qr code), can pay attention to become a force liyu fan.


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