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liyu exhibition, receiving 2015 force 23 session of Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition

release time:2015-09-21

Congratulations to force liyu in the 23rd session of Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition a complete success.

Grate Shanghai exhibition come to an end, yu to launch new products in this exhibition force FH chemical fiber direct injection machine performance is relatively strong, unique modelling with tall konica KM1024i nozzle, realized the digital jet printing industrial production, chemical fabric greatly save the high labor costs, let it be this exhibition force yuxin product is the best window.

Another new product PZR - KV high-speed printing machine, USES the konica KM512i nozzle, precision and speed of picture perfect unify, the speed can reach more than 200 square meters/h.This machine are widely recognized by customers in the exhibition, the exhibition prototype order just carried out by the customer, then orders are issued factory together as the enthusiasm of the agents and customers, PZR - KV has also become the force yu show the biggest new product orders.

Liyu in the exhibition, also launched a coil UV printer, for soft film print, also has been recognized by many customers.

Exhibition these days, yu also through WeChat field scan qr code attention yu clients the exquisite gifts.

Small make up in the warm congratulations yu exhibition a complete success.20 old brand, trusted!


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