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Present situation and the development trend of digital printing and force yu company and product introduction

release time:2015-09-21

Global printing market is mainly divided into North America, Europe, Latin America and the asia-pacific region, such as a few regions.In recent years, North America and Europe printing industry is affected by many factors such as economic and ecological environment and limited, gradually shift to Asia and the Middle East region countries.Due to atrophy of the textile industry of North America, Latin America's printing industry is gradually rising trend.At present, the asia-pacific region accounted for more than half of the world's total printed textile printing, the production of China and India top column.

Digital ink jet printing technology is with the continuous development of computer technology and gradually formed a set of computer data processing, precision machinery, photoelectric information technology for the integration of the product of modern science and technology application.Textile digital ink jet printing flowers began in the 1970 s, 90 generation completed the transition from technology model applied to the production, get rapid development since 2000, has experienced from is mainly used in textile dyeing and printing of proofing to small batch production and transformation process of large-scale production.

Global textile digital ink jet printing quantity almost doubled in every two years starting in 2001, presented to accelerate development.European digital ink-jet printing is always walk in the forefront of the global digital ink-jet printing industry, is the biggest demand and production of digital ink jet printing product, digital jet ink printing has infiltrated design, apparel, home textile, car decoration, advertising, personalization and other textile fields.In recent years, in particular, has been from the past is given priority to with design proofing mode to small batch production mode, and one by one step to the development of mass production.Europe already has more than 90% of the enterprises to adopt digital ink jet printing proofing, digital inkjet printing production accounted for about 30% of its entire printing product output.

Many of Japan's traditional printing plant to flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, digital inkjet printing production mode, each director, complement each other, expanding the scope of the product.I think it's going to be in the next few years the norm of textile printing industry.

In China, with the traditional printing is facing more and more severe competition and environmental pressure, more and more digital printing enterprise investment, from the developing trend of recent years, digital printing will be flexible with its material;Colour is abounded, can achieve high-end printing effect;Many varieties, small batch and other advantages in the next few years textile industry is very important as the profit growth point.

Digital printing as early as a few years due to speed, has been used for proofing production, only line of the company.In recent years, digital printing technology matures, digital printing production is greatly increased, the application of digital printing technology is one day, speed is no longer the bottleneck of digital printing.Three or four years ago, an hour to print 5 to 10 metres has fairly high speed, has achieved more than 100 square meters per hour.As production increased, the number code printing costs have fallen, only ink cost from the original 100 yuan per square meter to below 10 yuan.With cost reduction and product individuation demand, the recent three years, the investment growing business of digital printing, digital printing is become hotspots of investment by the traditional printing and dyeing enterprises.

Anhui force yu company it is in this backdrop, the independent research and development the FH industrial-grade high-speed fiber direct injection machine (thermal transfer paper print function).Anhui power company, founded in 1995, at present, the company is headquartered in fat city high-tech zone, 33 days wisdom road, is mainly engaged in advertising equipment, digital inkjet equipment development, manufacturing, sales and service.In 1995, took the lead in the domestic launch of the independent research and development of carving machine, then introduced a servo engraving machine, engraving machine, laser engraving machine, laser scanner, solvent printing machine, UV plate spray machine, chemical fiber direct injection machine.

Anhui Liyu company has more than 200 people, college degree or above accounted for over 50% of the total number of employees, through years of development, has formed a high-quality professional and technical team, can carry out computer control, software development, mechanical design of the design of the electromechanical integration products such as research and development, to build their own research and development, production base, currently has more than 50 acres of production base in hefei high-tech zone.Anhui power company has been sticking to independent research and development of the route in more than 20 years, with dozens of patents of utility model patents, exterior, the software copyright.Always with China university of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences, hefei university of technology by solid and so on more than both well-known universities and research institutions to establish good relations of cooperation.

Although we have a solid foundation for digital inkjet technology, however, digital printing is a huge market, materials and market segmentation is very much, and the launch of our current of the device, mainly focus on the flag chemical fiber cloth, curtain, seat cushion, tablecloth, guanggu shan culture market.We had a FH industrial-grade direct injection machine is 3.2 meters in length, on the premise of guarantee the quality of printing, the printing efficiency of up to 200 sq.m/h can provide customers with the highest yields, meet different print and requirements of high production and efficiency.Now we are focus on the market in the field of digital printing, because we know: only professional, have a chance.Only focus, to win customers trust.

Refer to our agents and customers to use most of the old saying: Liyu, 20 old brand, trusted.


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